by Daryl James

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released March 28, 2018

Written, produced and mixed by Daryl James
Bass on Unbecoming, The Wolf Is At The Door and Storm Indoors by Barnaby Gickel
Art by Lizz Maggs Photography
Mastered by Paul Blakey


all rights reserved



Daryl James QLD, Australia

Hailing from Snowdonia North Wales UK, guitarist/songwriter Daryl James fuses gritty ska/blues with raw acoustic roots, bringing to life his down to earth and soulful songs with truly innovative and enchanting musicianship, and a live show that has your feet and jaw on the floor! ... more

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Track Name: Unbecoming
You go to bump my fist, I go to shake
I stumble, mumble try to find the words
Always think what to say when the moments gone
And I’m sorry I apologise too much
And if aloof I seem, it’s just because I’m shy
Cool is something I will never be
Go in for a hug, I go in for a kiss
Story of my life I’m just an awkward man

Under it all, I know I’m not alone

So here I stand before you as I am
A scruffy mess of thoughts wrestling with themselves
I’d cut to the chase but I’d hesitate
But none of it matters in the slightest
That’s a mantra for, next time your
Uncomfortable in your own skin as it crawls

Under it all, we know we’re not alone
Track Name: Soles On The Wire
Soles up, on the Wire
Suburbia smiles through a purple sky
Designed for the dirt
Now hang high over the head of the feet they were under
Cause fate gives no clues, and these shoes keep quiet
But they will tempt your feet from the ground to the skies

Once below, Now high above

These words, the soul’s train
Express explanations with limited service
How do, these shoes?
Everywhere get up there
Was it ghost or anonymous -
Souls I don’t know, but inspired I realise!
In this empty street no shoes on my feet it was you and me, you and me
Track Name: Born Into This
Born Into This, a wise man said in a moment of clarity
So real, the last drops of sanity before the alcohol drinks it all
And he finally goes to that place he’s been heading for so long
Now the storm has gone the tears can fall

No tricks or illusions from you
He’ll hide away your desires but feed you clues
Steal way your heart before you catch your breath
The only way to be found is to lose yourself

Suffer for wisdom, sacrifice yourself for beauty
Truth, no concept of I, high above the lie we live
Your body’s gone but your words live on
You feed people there dreams, put yourself where other fear to go
Track Name: Storm Indoors
Sky rumbles like a hungry stomach
Like every time you’ve cursed you finally get a reply, and realise
The whole mother earth’s alive, and this is just a gentle reminder
You’re her child but you’re not even born yet
You’re her child but you’re not even born yet

Hold on and let go as she shows you how small you really are
So near yet so far she’s one big heart and you’re just a part
A grain of sand on the almighty beach realise what really matters
A speck of dust in a tin drum humble now my mind has been opened

The storm indoors, it never rains but it pours

All consuming chilling stillness
Reflection of crosshairs in the hunter’s eye
I spy neck hair stands up on end, nothing left to defend
Now I see I am you and you are me
Now I see I am you and you are me
Track Name: Darken My Doorway
It’s a promise not a threat, you tell me as you darken my doorway
Stand back look you in the eyes, try to see the man we both are you and I
But you’ve set me up for a fall in the name of your pride

Two wrongs don’t make a right

I’m truly sorry, if what I said offended you, couldn’t we have just had a chat?
Now my blood that’s on your hands may as well just be your own, may as well just be your own
Cause this pain will go away and I’ll love you just the same

You’ll darken my doorway no more
Track Name: The Wolf Is At The Door
I’d rather be cash poor, soul rich and love happy

Don’t you find strange these days the spiritual is ridiculed
Your called a ‘hippy’ for questioning this reality
How can we allow small minds to grind down the wise?

I’m not sure man
How has it come to this?
Will you sit and wait man?
Now the wolf is at the door

Jump this ship become the ocean

I’d rather be cash poor, soul rich and love happy

Pity the fool, who hides behind mockery
Attacks in pack mentality that which it just cannot grasp
The penny drops from a great height splits my head in two and I see through
It’s a spiritual eclipse, not apocalypse

So all’s not lost man
Now I see
Will you sit and wait man?
Now the wolf is at the door
Track Name: Moth To The Flame
Just a uniform between you and the man who sleeps on the floor
Towering over power devouring appetite never satisfied
A derelict soul leaves a derelict home locked up when his brother sleeps in the cold
I never want to grow cause I never want to stop growing

Just like a moth to the flame, again and again
When you buy into the lie, you sell out the truth

We’re all looking at each other but pretending that we’re not
And so it goes the last bastion of humanity slips away from its shore
These smart phones keep us stupid, illuminated faces but unenlightened Oh!
Were the masters of disguise we thrive on the tales we tell ourselves

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